365 New Recipes – Can I do it?

      I’ve really enjoyed reading the blogs where people try something new on a daily basis. I’d like to give it a try with food and think that by setting a number limit as opposed to a time frame, I just might be able to do it. Already we try a new recipe almost every night, so much so that my children lament that they will never see a favorite dinner again. I’ve never kept track of how many recipes we’ve tried in the last 14 years, but I’m sure the number must be staggering. With four boys, it’s fun to try new things and they are pretty receptive to the challenge. They like food! So here I will attempt to try 365 new recipes in the next year. Some nights we might have two new recipes in the form of a main dish and side dish. Some days may include a dessert. This will be realistic for our house since we resort to toasted cheese and tomato soup on nights that we are pressed for time. We rarely go out to eat, but on nights that we do I will chronicle what has been ordered and do a mini restaurant review.

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