Bridal Shower

Early on this morning I fell down my steps, resulting in a bruised tailbone. Not the way I wanted to start my day. Today’s agenda included a bridal shower for my husband’s cousin. Since I would be gone until around 5 it would be up to my husband to fix dinner for the boys. He opted for leftovers instead of following my menu for the week. Likely if I had been home to make dinner I would have done the same since my movement is slow and painful.

Since I don’t have a new recipe to share, I’ll share what I did eat today at the shower because it was all really yummy.

Schmiford Images: Shower March 2011 &emdash; For starters there was a cheese platter and crab dip. The dip was from my husband’s uncle’s seafood restaurant in Ellicott City called the Crab Shanty. With the dip was an assortment of different crackers.Schmiford Images: Shower March 2011 &emdash;



For lunch we were served a delicious salad with seared tuna (or chicken). It was very flavorful, I want to say it had an oriental or Thai flavored dressing on it. There was also a fruit platter and fresh bread.


Dessert was your choice between two cakes, a traditional bakery chocolate sheet cake or a king cake. Since I’ve never had king cake before, I went for that one and have to say I will go for it again.Schmiford Images: Shower March 2011 &emdash;

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