We arrived at our hotel around 7pm. We knew there was a brewpubs that served local beers and decided to head there for dinner. It was called Jack in the Wood and served mostly Irish/Scottish type fare.

Upon entering I was overwhelmed, it was such a crush of people. There was a small band playing Gaelic tunes upfront and a waitress told us “wherever you can find a seat.” We fid locate one on the back, far enough from the music to enjoy it and still be able to talk, but unfortunately next to the kitchen door.
The wait staff was very friendly, one explained that the building used to house the Green Man Brewery, but they since moved to another location and this pub took their place, but they feature all the Green Man’s beers. Mike ordered an IPA, claims it was awesome.

For dinner, Mike went with the lamb burger and was very excited to try the parsnip fries that were to come with it. However they ran out so he got pickle chips in their place.

I ordered Bangers & Mash, two pork sausages with real mashed potatoes covered in mushroom gravy. I personally cannot stand mushrooms, but I don’t mind food cooked with them and they were easy enough to pick off. Many of the menu items had mushrooms somehow. It was good, but..oh my…was it a lot!

After we finished we asked the girl about other local brews that we could reach within walking distance. She recommended our next location…
Lexington Avenue Brewing or LAB to locals. We grabbed chairs at the curvy highly polished wood bar and Mike ordered a Belgian white from their brew. He claims that was also really good, nice and light.

Now it was my turn, what beer is to my husband, chocolate is to me so we headed to French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

This place was also packed, but being that it was open until 11 and every other shop seemed to close at 5, I guess it’s understandable. We each ordered a drinking chocolate, for him a Love Potion Liquid Truffle and for her a Maple and Smoked Salt Hot Chocolate. For dessert I had a Nibbly Brownie, a thick rich brownie with cacao nibs in it. Oh My!

Then of couse we had to select sone of the fine handmade truffles to take along with us from the case. We got one each of Lavender & Honey, Maple & Smoked Salt, Mole Negro, Masala Chai, Earl Grey and Fresh Raspberry.

Then we meandered back to our hotel, stopping to look in several of the intriguing store windows. There just simply was not enough time in this trip to take it all in, but I want to come back and bring the kidlings with me.

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