The Depot Grille

On our way to Asheville, NC for a quick overnight trip. We were going to wait until we hit Roanoke to stop for food and gas, but this place popped up and we wanted to check it out. I’m so glad we did!
It is in this beautiful town with great architecture and old buildings. The restaurant is in the end of an old train station. Inside it retains much of the original character. The booths are old wooden pews from a bygone era.

We weren’t starving and decided on splitting two appetizers. The Firecracker Wild American Shrimp was delicious. Spicy but not too much. The Station House Cheese Fries were…mmm…so good. The menu said “bleu cheese, queso and bacon” and how could you go wrong with a combination like that!

We finished off our lunch with the dessert special of the day Homemade Peanut Butter Pie. A layer of crunchy chocolate wafer crumbs under a pillow of decadent peanut butter cream topped with a swirl of of real whipped cream. I even left my husband have some.

If you’re passing through the area I highly recommend stopping. There were many other items on the menu I would have loved to try.

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