Day 2 in Asheville

Well we wanted to get on the road early this morning, the plan was to go get breakfast, drive over and get the scooter, stop at the 1 shop that didn’t open until 11 am and hit the road. Unfortunately that’s not they way things went, at least not after we discovered we had a flat tire!

I selected to create my own omelet and added bacon, tomatoes and cheese to it. It came with the most incredible potatoes and a good southern biscuit. Mike had the pan fried trout with grits. He also tried the house preserves, some kind of berry that was incredibly fresh tasting.We did still go eat breakfast at this great little place called Early Girl Eatery.





After breakfast we headed back to the hotel, where I waited in the lobby while he put the spare tire on. Then we were off to get the scooter. With that securely in place we stopped at Tire Kingdom and left our van in their very capable hands and we walked back into town.  The girl we bought the scooter from told us that their were several vintage shops down Lexington Ave. so that is where we headed. There were quite a few all in a row and they had the cutest stuff in them, unfortunately nothing I liked came in my size. So we went somewhere I knew I could find a perfect fit…



The Spice & Tea Exchange! I did indeed find a perfect fit in the form of flavored sugar: strawberry. I also snagged a packet of Blood Orange Smoothie tea and Black Chocolate tea. I stopped with that because my next visit was to be at…


The Chocolate Fetish! While they prepared my dark chocolate hot cocoa, I perused the counters and snagged a few pictures of the delicacies to be had there. By that time the van was done and we were ready to hit the road.

We actually didn’t go far. My husband was hoping to find a pair of Sanuk’s at a store located in Asheville, but where it was suppose to be located on the map didn’t even exist.






On the way we passed a brewery, the Asheville Brewing Company, which was rather interesting looking. We decided to grab lunch before we left. Bad idea, the food was not good. To be fair we never actually saw a menu and the prepared food may have been decent. Turns out they do a buffet of sorts that the server told us had soup, salad, pizza, pasta and baked potatoes. It had 1 kind of soup, no potatoes and the pizza options were limited. The place itself had a fun atmosphere and kitschy decorations, I just was not impressed by the food. Husband tried a Stunt Man Ale and said that was really good.


Now we were really on our way. We drove as far as Roanoke where we stopped to look at another store for the shoes. We contemplated eating there, but it was all chain restaurants. There was another store that was suppose to have the shoes in Staunton and that happened to be where we ate lunch at the day before. We figured we should just eat dinner at the Depot Grille and try something new on the menu. What a good decision that was! Husband wasn’t feeling great so he just ordered Clam Chowder and fries, and couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. I chose the Bourbon Glazed Atlantic Salmon. It was amazing. The glaze was incredible and the fish was perfectly flakey. I ate everything on my plate, including the biscuit and salad that came with the meal. The day before we had the peanut butter pie which was the dessert special of the day. I didn’t see any signs about it, but thought I’d ask and see. Turns out they had a few pieces left, so I got a piece to go! The drawing is my creation, they cover their tables in craft paper and you get a cup of crayons. It’s the perfect distraction for me. This was our last stop, after this, it was Pennsylvania or Bust.

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