Wedding Weekend

This weekend we headed down to the Eastern Shore for my husband’s cousin’s wedding. We rented a shore home that sits on a branch of the Chesapeake Bay. It was a great little house, cottage-esque almost. We’ve stayed in rented house before and I dislike the sterile staged feel I get in them. This was a home, it was lived in and loved by it’s owners. I was much more comfortable there. Conveniently the house we picked was just a quick jaunt from his Aunt’s house, an easy walk. We spent as much time at her place as we did at our own.

We took the scooters along and had fun buzzing around the glorified driveways that spread like spiderwebs all along the edges of the water. The weather was wonderful for the weekend, we did get rain, but it was not unwelcome as it helped to cut some of the pollen out of the air. I had hoped that the season would be farther along and I would have less trouble with my itchiness, but as it turns out it was only a wee bit farther and was producing even more pollen as a result.

The boys had lots of fun, when we could break them away from the TV, computer and various smart phones that they kept playing with. The rode on the scooters with us, played with the neighbors dogs, ate, took the paddle boat out, made s’mores, danced and did some more eating.

The wedding was beautiful as weddings are wont to be. Purple and green with orchids everywhere. I love orchids, such an elegant flower. The wedding food was fabulous (to be expected as the family is in the restaurant business!) Appetizers passed through the tent in the form of Crab Balls, Curried Chicken Sandwiches, Cheese & Crackers, Mac & Cheese Tartlets and Cheesy Crab Spread Toast. The main dinner was Chicken with a mango salsa, Flank Steak with a Teriyaki Glaze, asparagus, sweet potatoes and the most delicious herb bread with sweet butter.

Although I was able to talk my husband into taking dance lessons to refresh us on the Swing steps we had learned, I was only able to drag him out on the dance floor a few times. Thankfully, with 4 sons, there’s always someone to dance with. They weren’t thrilled, but willingly. My youngest became quite the avid photographer at the event. He would follow me around as I took my pictures, but he would also say “I’m going here to get a picture of this!” and then we wouldn’t see him for 10 minutes and he’d return with an abundance of new pictures of flowers and dirt and railings and bricks.

But as happens with most vacations, it came to an end. Sunday my husband spent most of his day down at his Aunt’s preparing pork on their Egg for pulled pork sandwiches. It was mostly family, the wedding couple and a few of their friends. In addition to the pork we had some leftover wedding fare, I made roasted red potatoes and Mom Mom made her German potato salad. It was a nice way to end the weekend. We had to leave promptly after dinner to get the kidlings home and in bed for an early morning of school.

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