Fell off the wagon…

I was doing so good maintaining a daily blog post and I just dropped the ball. Some of the problem is that we have been too busy to actually cook a meal. For some of the time we’ve been away and I haven’t had a computer. For the majority of this week it’s because I’ve been sick. We have been fortunate if we get one sunny day out of every 7. It just rains constantly, which is wonderful for keeping the pollen down, but also means there’s a lot of grumpy people around these parts. The wedding was wonderful, but I came home with a cold, which then blossomed into a sinus infection. I cannot taste anything, so I really don’t care what is made for dinner. The hubby was kind enough to cover dinner Monday and Tuesday (I don’t even remember what it was.) I fixed a white tomato pizza on Wednesday (I’ll be sure to get a recipe up for that because it was good). Seems we’ve been eating a lot of toasted cheese? The boys don’t mind.

Another glitch in my system has been Pinterest! I just got on this glorified idea board and am in love! Instead of putting bookmarks on my browser, and then forgetting what they were, or having the link cut off, or forgetting why I saved it in the first place, I can PIN the images I find of things I want to try or that inspire me and put them in categories! I’ve been pinning my little heart out, come see!

Then there’s the portraits I’ve been trying to get done. The sickness put a hold on that too. I did get one set done of my beautiful friend in the pink blossoms of (what we think is) a crab apple tree. I still have a 4 month old session to edit, she was my little practice model because I need to get more comfortable working with infants. They don’t seem to follow posing prompts as well as grown-ups ☺. Thanks to pinterest, I have lots of new ideas for portraits!

I will be back to posting recipes. I actually have several cake pop recipes I’d like to try. Plus, since it’s the end of the school year there are teacher gifts to put together. Lots of goodies should be coming!

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