Mike & Ike’s Italian Ice Flavor

The other day, when I took #4 to the doctors to learn that we had another bout of strep to contend with, I had to go pick up yet another prescription. At this point the pharmacy knows me, I had beaten the Rx order to the pharmacy and she had not finished mixing it yet. She said yogurt might be a good thing so we wondered off to get #4’s favorite yogurt – Stonyfield Banilla. Then we grabbed a box of fruit pops for his sore throat. As we stood at the pharmacy to see if she was ready yet, a goody stand caught my eye…

Mike & Ike’s have always been one of my favorite candies. They had Alex’s Lemonade flavors and these Italian Ice ones. We’ve had the lemonade before, but this was new. Well we couldn’t walk out of the store without a box to try! They were 5 for $5 (we got 1 for $1) and split it up when we got home. Even a large box of Mike & Ike’s does not split very far among 6 people, but there was enough of each flavor that we had had a try. Cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, orange and lemon. I think the blue raspberry and watermelon were my favorites.


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