Hershey Park Happy

My mother’s work has a company picnic that takes place at Hershey Park. She took us as her guest. Sometimes it’s nice living in both the “junk food capital” of the world as well as within driving distance to the “sweetest place on earth”! Only the 3 youngest boys went along as the oldest is going with a friend of ours later this month. With Grandma it gave us an even number for rides.

Well as it turns out, #2 is afraid of heights (we knew this), but apparently this rules out quite a few rides for him. #3 is afraid of EVERYTHING! We had to drag him on the rides, seriously, he was afraid of everything. His favorite ride was Tilt-a-Whirl! #4 is fearless and would have ridden even Fahrenheit, if he only met the height requirements. He was a Reese’s, they can’t ride the big coasters.

The day went really well. Lunch was catered at one of the pavilions, standard fare of hamburgers, hotdogs and pulled pork. The boys were thrilled because there was an ice cream cooler with Scooter Crunches, ice cream sandwiches, Creamsicles and dixie cups. With full tummies, naturally we went to ride more rides!

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Around 2 it started clouding up, we were the last ones on the Trailblazer before they shut it down. Not wanting to get caught in the rain we headed for the Whip, which is under a roof (including the queue line). We must have rode the Whip 4 times! When the downpour subsided to a drizzle we hightailed it over to Chocolate World for the “nap ride”. We got to try a new candy: Aerated Hershey Kisses, not a fan personally. By the time we got out the rides were all back in operation, so we headed back inside. Having kids is fun, they stamp your hand and it’s like invisible ink, you can’t see it once it dries. We stopped to potty after Chocolate World and when we came out I said, very seriously, “You didn’t wash your handstamp off, did you? They won’t let you back in. We’ll have to leave you at the gate.” The two youngest quick looked at their hands to discover the stamp “missing”! When we got to the gate they held up their little wand to check for stamps and as #4 was left through he whispers to Grandma “they left me in!”

After the storm it seems many people just left the park because we were able to walk on pretty much everything. To #4’s delight, he was able to ride the Sooper Dooper Looper three times in a row. After turn 1, he ran to Grandma (on her bench) and said “That was AWE-some” sounding just like the little boy on the Incredibles.

All in all we had a really good day, the boys each rode something that they loved and each came home with a souvenir.

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