85 down : 280 to go

Make your own pizza night


Well naturally this gets a 5 star rating. How can you not like it when you do it yourself? Your crust, your way, your toppings, your way. The boys love this. It’s always funny to see how their bread dough turns out. I’m convinced someday they’ll be able to toss the pizza dough, but for now we’ll go with car shapes! We began with frozen white bread dough. Around noon, I set the oven to 175°, placed the bread dough in a greased loaf pan, covered it with a greased piece of plastic wrap. Once the oven reached temperature, I turned it off and placed the loaf pan inside. Every so often I’d check on it, but mostly I just left it in there and left it alone. Around 5:30 I pulled it out (it was about the size of the pan now) and flipped it out on a silicone mat. It was evenly divided into 6 hunks and we each took one to create our crust to our liking. I went with an oval, #1 made what looked like an eggplant, #2 just made a square, #3 was a very abstract rounded shape and #4 went with a race car (I caught him making wheels, he was using it like play doh, I had to explain that it wouldn’t all bake together and I wouldn’t be able to transfer it to the pan like that!)

Once the dough was sufficiently shaped we added the toppings. I came to find that I was out of pizza sauce (one of those great pantry mysteries) so we used tomato sauce and pizza seasoning from a grinder container. I went with ricotta cheese, sauce, seasoning, monterey jack, cheddar, mozzarella and bacon bits. The boys used a little of everything, in addition to those we also had blue cheese, sour cream, pepperonis and cottage cheese (which was unanimously dissed). I had them apply their toppings ON the baking sheets. We really just left them use what they wanted. After all the toppings were on we popped them in the oven, I’d say it took each pan about 15 minutes to get done. I can say mine was yummy and since nobody left any on their plates I’d have to guess that they were all happily satisfied with theirs too.

I had big plans to follow this recipe for homemade pizza dough, a real Italian style, it would have made enough for 6 full size pizzas, I could have froze the extra and pulled it out whenever to do this again, but as it goes in a house with 4 kids (likely in many a house with 0 kids too) time just gets away and good intentions fly out the window. But hey, I had frozen bread dough in my freezer that needed to be used to, so it all works out in the end!

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