90 down : 275 to go

Today was the first day of Camp-Learn-A-Lot for #3. They mostly focus on reading and keeping those skills sharp over the summer so the kids are ready for the next year and don’t backslide. He’s very excited this year because he’s in a different school from last year and they get to swim in the school pool. Being the first day, as first days go, we woke up late, missed the bus, had to drive him in. Then I waited for 40 minutes for his bus to arrive at the bus stop, midday, in the hottest time period with #4 who did not enjoy it. I finally walked back to the house and heard the bus about 5 minutes later. That just knocked my whole schedule off kilter. That’s what happened to the rest of my day. Library was on the agenda to satisfy my voracious readers. Home improvement store for a few last pieces (and some wasp spray to take care of the nest my son found the hard way while mowing the lawn). By the time we got home this was the fastest thing I could come up with for dinner.

We’ve been working on pulling together a little party for my youngest boys for the summer. I found this and wanted to recreate it. I have most of the parts, we made some adjustments from the original directions (found here) and got it built today. We really just need to add the “bells and whistles”.

In addition I’ve been working on a little side project related to the party as a safety precaution. We had a concrete patio poured last summer. It’s always been a concern to me that the one corner is about 3′ high. I just envision some kid falling off, or worse trying to take their bike off the end. Trying to find a solution I came across this picture and decided it was a workable solution to the problem. Turns out configuring it was harder than I anticipated so I fell back on a tried and true building block to help me out.

Much lighter than the cinder blocks!

So at the moment my wall looks like this:

No the noodles will not be staying there, they are pieces waiting for the bike wash to get done. Succulents and plants will still need to be found to fill the blocks in and we already have earwigs moving in (ewww!) so we’ll have to figure something out for that. I think it will be a decent solution to a problem that we couldn’t agree on how to fix. Someday (in the distant future) he would like to build a stone bench/fireplace the wraps the perimeter, but Rome wasn’t built in a day (and neither will that be).

What’s for dinner


  • cubed hash brown potatoes
  • cubed cooked ham
  • cottage cheese
  • can of cheddar cheese soup
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder

I had 3 meals left for this week. In the usual not well thought out plan, one needs grilled (hubby is signed up for that one), one is steak (also hubby meal, only because I severely overcook them) and the last is a simple corned beef wrap that I bought a whole corned beef for that still needs to be cooked. The directions call for 50 minutes a pound, it’s 4.5 pounds. I realized this around 1:00pm. That wasn’t going to happen! So I scrounged around in my pantry and freezer and came up with these miscellaneous items that I knew would work together. Measurements, smeasurements! I had about 1/2 a bag of hash browns, an almost full container of cottage cheese, sandwich baggie of cubed ham, 1 can of soup and a pile in the palm of each of the powders. The potatoes went in a skillet frozen and I fried them a little in some olive oil, the powders were added once most of the potatoes were thawed. Dumped the potatoes in a casserole dish. Threw the ham in the same skillet and thawed that and tried to get it to brown a little. While that was on the stove, I mixed the can of soup in with the potatoes. Added the ham in. Stirred it all up with the cottage cheese. Baked it in a 350° oven for 30 minutes. I will say my potatoes weren’t quite done to my liking, I simply had ran out of time. It was good, the boys wiped out the bowl.

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