Deep Creek Day 2

We will call today “Adventure Day” because we tried so many new things. After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes (some with and some without blueberries), and the hubby’s grilled bacon (the proper way to start any day), we headed over to the Wisp Resort.

There are lots of activities you can do there in the summertime. Initally it was just our family, us and the 4 boys. They had a mountain coaster the boys were really excited to try. You sat in a little car that looks like a wagon that has “big wheel” style brakes and coast down the mountain. It really was fun, I wish we could have gone more than once. After that we rode the ski chair lift. It was slow (boys didn’t like that), it was high (#4 didn’t like that), but you could see very clearly for very far. Interesting experience taking a chair lift with no snow. My favorite part was the smell. The woods, whatever tree or plant was blooming, had this wonderful perfume that you could smell up in the air (but I never did pick it up on the ground).

The next stop was the kid’s zipline. This is combined with an obstacle course. Looks like fun, but to be honest, I wish the guys in charge had been a little more hands on. #4 had a hard time through the first obstacle because he didn’t really understand what to do and it was just downhill from there. The guy had to carry him down off the platform because he refused to go any farther. The other 3 seemed to enjoy it and they were allowed to go through several times.

For the morning there was one more activity planned. Leaving the younger 2 in the care of Grandmom; the hubby, 2 older boys, me and DC, AK and PC went on a mountain buggy ride. #2 rode with the guide in the front buggy and we filed in behind. It was bumpy, dusty, muddy and whole lots of good times. We were slightly dirty when we got done!

What I look like after riding in a dune buggy with my husband!

After lunch we rode to a few places I wanted to check out. The first was the Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory. It smelled so good! We picked out a bag of dill kettle corn to take home.Then we went to Deep Creek Sweets, more like chocolate dreams! The fudge proved to be very tasty and we bought several flavors along with a variety of chocolates and truffles. The girls that were working there were very friendly and I would highly recommend making a stop here either for a chocolate fix or breakfast (it looked like they had a scrumptious menu).

After dropping the kids off at the house, we collected PC, DC and AK and went back to Wisp Resort for the Flying Squirrel Obstacle Course. This included a series of 5 ziplines and 3 bridge obstacles to traverse. The guides were great and very fun to be with. I was not overly worried about the height, but was a little alarmed at first that the platforms we were standing on XX feet up in the air were very wiggly. Very nerve wracking though it may be at first, the actual zipping is a thrill. The anticipation is what gets to you. I’m happy to say all 5 of us made it through the whole course without any banged shins or shame (for not making it from point A to point B).

The only image I got, the rest of the time I was firmly holding my harness ropes!

Dinner for the evening was roasted chicken, corn on the cob, crumb coated zucchini, and stuffing lovingly prepared by MomMom.For dessert we headed to a local brewery called Mountain State Brewing Co. It sits sort of in the middle of nowhere, away from all the strip shopping centers and tourist locales. Very casual atmosphere inside the barn-esque building. The hubby, DC and AK ordered the beer sampler

L to R: Miner's Daughter Oatmeal Stour, Seneca IPA, Almost Heaven Amber Ale, Cold Trail Ale

and I had a Berry Martini (Stoli Orange, Stoli Citrus, Peach Schnappes, Blue Curacao, Chambord with a fresh berry coulis).

For dessert we shared a Berry Flatbread and Smore Flatbread

and the other 3 had Stout Floats.

This place was great, it is the type of place that you would return to every year you came for vacation. I certainly know if we are in the area again that I will be eating here becausethere were many, many things on the menu that I would love to try. That was the end of our very full “Adventure Day”

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