Deep Creek Lake Day 1

Taking a little weekend trip with the family. Today’s agenda was a hike to the falls. The boys have never seen a waterfall upclose, so they were tearing down the trails. This was just a little fall, but the water was really moving. Working off my hubby’s laptop (not what I am used to, nor do I have any of my usual software in it) so I’ll just share a few pics of our day. Nothing new on the recipe front today, DD for breakfast, skipped lunch (boys had toasted cheese) and tacos for dinner. I can say, the in-laws brought along the bacon ranch popcorn and boy is that ever good.

#3 "rock climbing" #4 swinging after our hike #3 catching a lift from his Uncle #3 supporting that rock

Some of the interesting flora and fauna I found along the trail

More flora and fauna along the trail as well as an image of the rushing waters


Husband's family

Please excuse the pictures, as I don’t have my own computer my editing capabilities are greatly reduced. I didn’t do a very good post processing job on these.

Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow. I’ll get back to my regular recipes on Tuesday.

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