Bike Wash Theme Party

In the past several days, I’ve made mention of this party we were having for our 2 youngest boys. I saw an image of a PVC bike wash online and loved the way it looked and wanted to duplicate it, but I went a step further and planned a whole party around it. There are lots of images of everything we did!

For favors I wanted things that were not ultimately trash, we’ve all gotten the party favor toys that are broken in no time and end up in the bottom of your kids closet. I may have had smaller favor bags, but I’m fairly certain they are things the kids will actually play with for some time.

I made the wrap for the chalk myself, keeping with the bike theme. Kids always love seeing their name on something. The water bottles were from Dollar Tree, a great find, it even has a little snack cup that screws on the bottom. We found 10 packs of Matchbox cars at Target for roughly $5 each and that enabled us to give each kid 2 cars.

Then I labeled each bag with a sparkly sticker (Crayola printer paper) using the trike from the invitation and again included each boys name. The other thing we added were our DIY glow in the dark necklaces.

Knowing that the boys were going to be busy and wet, I decided to keep the food simple and easy. Things they could do a drive by on. I carried the rainbow color theme into the food and everything was pretty eyecatching.

Chewy Lemonheads were layered in a large vase and there were Twizzlers, candy buttons and layered M&M’s. For the grownups I had tortilla strips and a southwestern black bean dip along with peanut butter filled pretzels. In the front tray are cheese curls and fritos for the kids. Then there was fruit, watermelon and peanut butter cookies. For lunch we had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, I used dinner rolls and the hubby patted some slider size burgers so they would be easier for the kids to handle. I prepared 1 special drink, Peppermint Lemonade (mmmm! it was super yummy) and we also had iced tea and a few sodas.

There was a favor table set up, in addition to the favor bags we laid out a smallish piece of slate for each kid and acrylic paints so each could make a stepping stone. (Later, when they dried, we sprayed them with acrylic sealer.)

Then I also tried the Photo Booth idea, it didn’t really get much attention, they were so busy with everything else.

A C Moore had duct tape on sale this week, with a roll of bright yellow a road was created on the patio for the kids. Funny how such little things can be so important. They actually followed the little road!

The last details were the bike wash itself, the sponges arrived on Friday and we assembled all the accessories. It was so vibrant and pretty, however as a warning, it was not excessively sturdy. The small 24-inch bikes work great, the bigger bikes how more maneuvering troubles. We also found that the sponges got very heavy and had a tendency to wrap around handlebars, so they got cut off after a few runs. I’ll probably reattach them for my own kids to play without the bikes. We glued the PVC at the bottom joints, and likely will need to glue the upper joints as well. Between the water pressure and the bumping, the pieces easily popped apart. Over to the side we had a bucket of sudsy water and several sponges for the kids to wash their bikes before running through the bike wash. Several of the kids seemed to greatly enjoy this and spent some time there washing their bikes.

Then there was the village. I will admit to being very proud of the little village. It looked so cute sitting at the end of the yard.

Just for fun, here are a few more pictures of our day and the kids playing…

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6 Responses to Bike Wash Theme Party

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  2. Liz says:

    Love this! The party looks like so much fun! I was wondering where you got your sponges from? I am having a hard time finding them and I love the ones you found! Thanks!

  3. schmiford says:

    Thank you! The kids really enjoyed it. Those sponges were tricky to find. After much sleuthing I determined they are called “bone sponges” and often used for horse grooming and boats. We scoured tack shops and marine stores. Eventually I found some here :,2201.html
    but you do not get to choose the colors.
    After ordering them online, my local grocery store happened to set out a display of all yellow ones, so I did grab some of those as well.

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks so much!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Do you have the plans that you used for the bike wash? Do you just assemble PVC pipe, drill holes in the ones that you want to sprinkle and hook a hose up to the bottom? Wondering how the water makes it all the way up to the top? Also, what did you use for the colorful hanging pieces at the end. Thanks!

  6. schmiford says:

    I do not have official plans. We measured the largest width of my oldest son’s bike to be sure all the kids would fit through. Then we guesstimated the sizes for each section from there. We drew out our plan so we knew how many connectors and what kinds we would need. We used a very, very small drill bit to drill the holes in the pipes that would spray. 2 were overhead and in a line to spray down. Two were along the sides, this was a little trickier because they needed to be lined up straight and then we had to adjust the angle of the pvc to spray in an arc. I was a little surprised by how well the water made it through everything. In addition to pvc connectors, we also go a hose connector that fit in the bottom piece so that it would screw on tight. The pressure was strong enough that the spray was pretty consistent from one end to the other. The hanging pieces are actually nylon webbing. I believe I bought it here:
    I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment. I truly hope you try building one of your own! My boys had a blast with it. We even got it out several times through the summer just to play.

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