Summer Salad

For the past week in my area it’s been hovering around 100°. Sounds like most of the country is getting fried by this heat. My tomatoes are not happy, I know that for sure. Any suggestions on how to help them?

Given the heat and the work we’ve been doing this week, making dinner just sounded like a chore. I decided that it would be a good salad night.

Doesn’t it look very refreshing and super tasty! Much better than heating up the house by cooking. When the temperature (if) goes back to bearable, I have several desserts in my menu lineup that I’d like to make.

As to that work we’ve been doing, the older two boys share a room and #2 has been sleeping in a loft bed from Ikea. The trouble we find with Ikea is the tall furniture is made for houses with 10 foot ceilings. In an 8 foot ceiling house, this meant that my son had to be careful sitting up in his bed in the morning. He also found that it was hot in his bed (because of the proximity to the ceiling?) We decided to make some adjustments to their room, one of which was cutting down the bed in our version of an Ikea hack. Now both boys have beds on the floor, with enough room to store a few things underneath. Both have an Expedit 2×4 shelf for their clothing  and a tall Billy bookcase for their books. It’s practically an Ikea showroom floor! The biggest job was the cleaning! Why do they keep trash? Why can’t their dirty clothes make it into their hamper? What do they think they are…teenagers?

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