Dining Room Remodel

The summer project was all about the dining room. I have been wanting to create a wall of shelving in there for some time, something that could hopefully hold all the media in the house. We’re talking books, dvds, cds, vhs tapes, magazines, photo albums! The paint also needed to change. I loved the technique my mom and I had used to create the “fuzzy peach” walls, but the color palate was not going with the rest of my house. It was fine when we did it and the only other color on the first floor was a very pale lavender. The orange hue looked lovely with my table. Then we painted the kitchen a blueberry sno-cone shade and the addition (which can be seen through the dining room) a very bright orange (different shade from dining room orange). Something had to go.

The painting came first, a light gray with a yellow (the ceiling was already yellow and I hate painting ceilings.) The wall behind the shelving got striped in wide bands of the gray and yellow. The three accessible walls were done first and they came out very nicely. That 4th wall remained stubbornly blank for some time. Then the husband had a plaster guy come and do the wall around the front window, which left me with patches in my living room to paint. As I was getting all the paint supplies back out to do that, I decided that 4th wall needed done too. We discussed it and scoured pictures on Pinterest looking for ideas. I’ve seen several walls done in the chalkboard paint, I like it, a lot. Could I pull it off though? In we went to buy paint and that can of chalkboard black just jumped into my arms.

Now I have one wall of black in my dining room. The kids are dying to scribble all over it (we are still in the curing period). I’m likely to draw a nice little word art above the doorway in chalk (I’d like to test the chalk paint pens that I came across the other day.)

On the left side we are going to mount a board, painted black, with stationary clips attached, for hanging the kids artwork. Below I’d like to get a vinyl wall decal ornate picture frame that the kids can draw self portraits in. The right side we’ll leave totally blank. It should prove to be a nice place to stage pictures and write menus. Likely you will be seeing this wall in the background of pictures in the coming months.

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