Toothless and Growing

As we get moving along in the new school year, we always see the same things happening. Teeth fall out, teeth grow in…ankles and wrist start peeking out from pants and shirts. The boys are growing and they are doing it fast! Here’s my youngest:

He decided it was a good time to lose both front teeth. We had to tease him that it’s a good thing he missed corn on the cob season. This makes me sad because it means no more baby in the house. I know once those front teeth come in (and they’ll likely look huge if he follows the path of the other 3 boys), he will no longer be my baby but a boy well on his way to growing up. He was kind enough to humor me when I asked if we could take a picture of his missing teeth. Although he kept asking “Why do you want a picture of that, it’s silly.”

Another mark of the passing time is our biannual clothing ritual. Every spring and fall I make the boys try on their entire wardrobe. We found several years ago, this is the only way to ensure whatever is too small is pulled out and handed down. The have an awful tendency of tucking whatever doesn’t fit into the back of their shelves and by the time we’d find it, it no longer fit ANY of the boys. When you’re dressing 4 boys and expect the wardrobe to make it from boy 1 all the way to boy 4, you cannot have that sort of shenanigans!

Each boy tries on each item from their current wardrobe, I verify if it fits, is too small, or not worth keeping. It gets tossed in the appropriate pile. Once their current season is filtered through, we move onto the coming season that is stored in the attic. In reality I buy very little clothes. Suits are our biggest thing. For something that doesn’t go through the washing machine, they sure do seem to shrink quickly.

Another method I use to keep things straight is the yarn marking. Each boy has been assigned a color since birth. We quickly found that with boys 1 & 2 being so close in size, we could never keep straight whose clothing was whose. Sharpie markers were the first attempt, but we found this would wear off. Now I thread a colored yarn through the tag and knot it. This stays put through the laundry and when a boy outgrows something, we just snip the yarn off and mark it for the next boy in line. Here’s just a small amount of what I had to mark for the next in line. Almost entire wardrobes got passed down this year they’ve been growing so much. I have a feeling I’m going to be scrambling to keep those ankles and wrist covered for the next 12 months.

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