Farm Baby Shower

My friend, who is really more like a sister, is having her first baby. I am so very excited for her and could not wait to throw a baby shower. Pinterest popped up about the time I knew they were ready for a baby and I flooded my boards with baby shower ideas. There were so many fun themes to pick from, but between her mom, her and I, we narrowed it down to 2 ideas: “Down on the Farm” and “B is for Baby”

As the future Grandpoppy is a farmer the decision was not really that hard. Add to that she grew up on a farm and her parents still live there, so we had the perfect setting. We were so fortunate, the day was beyond gorgeous! I had been working for some time on pulling things together and absolutely loved how things turned out.

One of our favorite ideas was this guest book:

We had this set up inside the gate and as each guest arrived they added their thumbprint balloon and wrote their name above. An artist friend drew the house, I had gone over to my friends’ one day I knew they would be out and took pictures from several angles, so it is an actual depiction of their home. Later I added strings down to the chimney. We sent her home with the ink pad so she can continue adding people to the picture. It will be a painting of love for the baby of all the people that anxiously awaited the arrival.

Next to the guestbook table we had this little display set up. The future uncle rode this tractor when he was little.

An idea that came from pinterest was the guest of honor throne and also the haybale seating:

We endeavored to keep the menu simple and homemade. For drinks we served milk, water, or peppermint lemonade. The lemonade was a huge success. I just had to have a pitcher for the milk, found this one at Target for a very reasonable price.

Each guest had a milk bottle with a name tag on it. Although we looked online to buy milk bottles, turns out they are somewhat expensive. In the end we found Starbucks iced coffee bottles would work and the labels were easy to clean off. We were buzzing on caffeine for a few weeks, but we did get enough bottles pulled together. (I kept them in case we need to use milk bottles again in the future, really don’t want to drink all of that again.) The cute stripy straws I picked up online and matched them to the name tags.

As a little added touch, the family has a sign post at the end of their lane with the farm name on it. Using this I made up labels for the milk bottles, carrying over the tractor that was also used on the bottle tags and the invitations.

One day in at Target, I passed a clearance shelf and they had this utensil stand for $2! It was the perfect color! I also grabbed two rectangular trays for the dessert table, one teal and the other red. The napkins came from Hobby Lobby, again, just walking around and they jumped out at me. We knew they would be perfect.

For the dessert table, we hung the future uncles handmade quilt from a rack, another personal touch that happened to match our color/farm theme. The cake stand was another Pinterest find, it’s not quite what I envisioned when I gave my husband my directions, but it worked. The tractor and fencing are toys that belong to the family from when their kids were little. The cake is my creation, just a simple chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, the mom-to-be’s favorite. The dessert table also held old fashioned candies in mason jars, fruit in cute little berry baskets, pregnant cookies and the shower favors (mini pies in mason jars). For decoration we had small mums in silver buckets and white mini pumpkins.

For “real” food we laid out a baked potato bar (pinterest idea). Potatoes were thrown on the grill early in the day while we set up and we just put out some easy toppings. The little mason jar in the middle was the only game we played, I called it the butter baby and had a little label on the jar that explained. It was filled with heavy cream and some salt, with a marble. I handed it to the first arrival and told them they had to keep the baby moving, when the next guest arrived, they could hand the baby off. If everyone did a good job of caring for the baby, we’d have fresh butter for our potatoes. I have to admit I was a little surprised that it worked.We had a wonderful time, the weather could not have been more perfect for October. The mom-to-be loved it and got some really great items to help get ready for the new addition. As a thank you she brought her mom and I these gorgeous flowers:

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