Chalkboard Wall Sketches

Some time back we repainted our dining room. The chalkboard wall, although meant for the kids, has been my favorite part. I use it to write notes for the kids, to let them know when they’ve done something good, or reminders of things coming up. One night, instead of sleeping like a normal person, I was remodeling my first floor. In an effort to remember everything I thought up, I quickly sketched it on the wall to share with my husband at a better time.

Here’s our future first floor:

The sketch on top is of my now existing kitchen. We already have the washer and dryer there in a little alcove. When the kitchen moves into the addition (that’s the bottom picture) I would like the now existing kitchen to become a laundry room/office/craft area. On the laundry wall we will install a counter with hamper baskets underneath for the sorted laundry. Shelving will go above to hold glass canisters filled with detergent and other items. The closet will house cleaning supplies and brooms/vacuums. This is something we are greatly lacking right now. The closet not the brooms!

The lower sketch is our very sparse, modern new kitchen. Lower cabinets only. Maybe some shelves on the end wall where the stove will go. The counter under the window – that’s my favorite! That counter will be for my cake decorating, pastry making, chocolate working, bread kneading and pie trying. I haven’t decided what surface I want yet, but am leaning towards concrete that looks like soapstone.

This is for the other 2 walls in our now existing kitchen. Where we currently have kitchen counter, after removing the appliances, we are just going to convert the counter into a desk area for me and the boys to have computers. I’ll leave the current shelving and cabinets for storage and add sheet metal where the back splash panels are for hanging notes.

On the last wall as you enter the room there is a closet. It is a very deep closet that we added shelves into to create a pantry space. It’s working for now, but we’d like to have a half bath on the first floor. It would make life so much easier. I think the space along that wall is just wide enough to add a small toilet and sink opposite each other. Further down the wall we will build (buy) a large pantry cabinet because I already know that all of our food will not fit in the sleek, modern kitchen. This has been keeping me going for the past few weeks, I left the sketches up for a long time.

You see, a few years ago we built an addition on that holds a master suite upstairs and a big open room downstairs. We built it with the knowledge that my mother would be living there for a few years until she found a house. Well – she found a house! That means soon I will have a master suite, with my OWN bathroom. That means my boys will have more space to spread out and 2 of them will get their own rooms. That means I will be able to move all of the video games into 1 upstairs room and won’t have to surrender my only TV on the weekends. So in the next few months you’ll likely be seeing more posts and pictures of our house under construction as we shift things around.

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