Black n Bleu Restaurant

We were on our way home from an assembly in Grantville and the hubby decided this would be a good place to stop for dinner. The restaurant is in the mix of a little strip mall, set back from the road, you would miss it if you weren’t specifically looking for it. Upon getting out of the car we were engulfed with the most incredible smell.

Before dinner, I had a mojito and the hubby tried a new beer:

Then we ordered dinner, while the boys went with sandwiches and pizza, I went for a steak, rather unusual for me. Mine was the Black-n-Bleu Steak, a blackened steak topped with the special bleu cheese fondue. Sadly it was not cooked as thoroughly as I like and I had to send it back. I sort of lost my appetite after that. It was however good, the bleu cheese fondue was fabulous.

The hubby ordered Salt Baked Trout served over couscous with spinach and feta cheese. This was interesting, the fish was completely coated in salt before baking. The salt, you would think, would dry out the fish, pulling all moisture from it. However it does the complete opposite. He says the fish was very moist and even though it is not seasoned in any way, very flavorful. The waitress smacked the salt crust at the table, lifted it off and just picked up the fish in big chunks to lay on his plate. This is something I am going to have to try at home sometime.

If you’re up in Mechanicsburg I do recommend trying this place out. I have to say, one of our favorites things about the restaurant was the atmosphere. The various pieces of artwork were fun and eye catching. The open kitchen seen through the stone wall opening was neat.

Black ‘n’ Bleu Menu

On our way home we were treated to this incredibly fabulous view:

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