Getting back into the swing

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I’ve touched my blog! I’ve been thinking about it. I really enjoyed tracking what we ate and what we thought of each recipe. Documenting the various parties that we put together. It created a nice little summary of our lives. When my Grandfather got the blood clot, I took over the responsibility of driving him to doctor’s visits and hospitals, just so he had someone with him. I can say I greatly enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with him. The boys really enjoyed seeing him more too. However, it also threw off what little routine I had going.

Now he’s doing better and is routinely being monitored, so I only need to check in with him now and again to make sure he’s feeling well and field the doctor’s calls because he can’t hear them on the phone. 

So, now I’ve been thinking about getting back into the swing of things. Since I last blogged on here, we’ve been through a lot of recipes. I realize there is no hope of catching up, though I did try for awhile. I also learned that my storage for images is not very large on WordPress and therefore I need to come up with a new way to host images. I’ll likely go with Photobucket, it just means rerouting all my images.

In the past year we’ve hosting several get-togethers and parties. Lots of DIY involved with those. My portrait photography picked up. My son bought his first and second car (long story) even though he doesn’t begin driving until this year. I have one boy in high school (big change), one in middle school, and two in elementary. For the next three years this will be the scenario with at least one in each school building. That makes for lots of events, conferences, papers and parental homework on my end! We also began a big remodel project to help the boys spread out some. We are converting the attic into a bedroom area for the younger two so the older two can have the own bedrooms. 

I also began major organizational projects. One is to catalog and scan old photos. I’m hoping to one day create year books for contain all the images in one place. The scanning is done, now I need to figure out when they were taken. We have several more revamping projects going on, but I haven’t quite worked all the kinks out of them yet. My mission to simplify and reduce is ongoing. 

Another major change is the babysitting. It wasn’t something I was looking for. It just sort of happened. One friend was in a pinch and I was asked if I could help. She was working part time at that time and it wasn’t a major adjustment. Then another friend asked if I could help out a couple that finally found work and now needed child care immediately. Now I’m watching a 10 month old and an 8 month old during the week. It’s been a long time since I had babies. My body is telling me that as I am constantly sore from bending and lifting. The are pleasant though and make great practice models when I get new props for my photography. 

There you have it. I’ve been busy and life’s been chaotic to say the least. I missed the blogging though. When you are a stay-at-home mom, sometimes you need to feel like you are a part of the big adult world that is at there. Look for new recipes, flashback recipes, DIY crafts and projects. 

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