Thread Organizer

I recently started sewing (again) and have been trying to collect all of the various sewing paraphernalia into one location. While I do not have a designated sewing room right now, I have an open space that I am using. My spools of thread were being housed in a container that also held my pins and bobbins. This required untangling every time I needed to pull something out. I went on a Pinterest hunt to find a solution.

Organizer #1 – but this still left free floating spools that would not really be organizied.

Organizer #2 – is very cute, but small and much more ornate than my personal style.

Organizer #3 – I really loved. It needs to be mounted to a wall, and I wanted something that was portable since my sewing table is. It also seemed above my skill level.

Organizer #4 – Another that I really liked, but again, needs to be mounted and level shelves are way over my skill level.

The one I went with:

Organizer #5 and the actual directions are found here on Ucreate. I choose this one for several reasons. I knew I could tackle it with limited help from my hubby. Supplies were easy to come by. It can just lean against the wall in whatever area I am working. The spools and bobbins were able to be stacked together. The design is simple and matches my style.

I started with an unfinished shelf from Lowe’s. Mine measures 36″x16″. As we did not have any stain in our house, I picked up a can Rust•oleum wood stain in the color Kona. I did not sand the wood before starting. I shook the stain, used a piece of clean T-shirt, and just rubbed it on.

 photo IMG_2731_wm_zps110431ee.jpg

This is what it looks like, one coat. I left it dry while I had a snack. The can says about 10 minutes. I think I gave it about 30. photo IMG_2733_wm_zps97e871b6.jpg

The chevron pattern needed laid out and the original post said she just eyeballed it. My eyeballs are slightly off kilter sometimes, I wasn’t about to attempt that! I hunted on the internet until I found a good tutorial on chevron painting. Basically, I found the middle of the length, then spaced each line from that point 2″, due to the border, that left me with roughly a 1/2″ space at top and bottom.

For the width I again found the middle. Then measured 1 3/4″ for the rest of the lines. You end up with a grid something like this. Chalk worked great for this, I could see it, it doesn’t stain, and wipes clean.

 photo IMG_2734_wm_zps54136c7c.jpg

Taping is the part I hate most.  Many thanks to the hubby who ran to Walmart late at night to pick up some tape for me to get this part finished. Frog tape was used, because in my experience with projects over the years, it works best. Basically you go from a corner of a box. A straightedge is needed to trim up the tape for nice crisp points.
 photo IMG_2736_wm_zpsd0877beb.jpg

We have an abundance of paint in our basement. Hubby brought up some kitchen and bath satin white. I started with a foam roller, but disliked the way it went on and switched to a paintbrush. I applied 2 coats.
 photo IMG_2738_wm_zps134d9d62.jpg

Peel your tape up, I did while paint was still drying. I had some spots where the paint did slip under the tape, but wasn’t overly concerned because the next step is light sanding for a slightly distressed look. This I left sit overnight, I believe it was already like 11:00pm anyway.
 photo IMG_2740_wm_zps69a78834.jpg

In the morning, after my coffee and workout, I got back on this project. First thing was to take a damp cloth to remove both the chalk and sawdust. Now for the math. I found some transparent paper in the attic (you wouldn’t believe the odd assortment of things spread throughout this house!) The measurements are based inside the border, as I only wanted my spools to cover the chevroned area. I determined what would fit my spools best, this came out to 2″ on the length and 1 5/8″ on the width, or 14 nails x 7 nails.
 photo IMG_2742_wm_zpsef34e453.jpg

I taped the grid down to my board and decided to follow the original directions, which suggested pilot holes. (I was just going to start hammering.) Hubby set me up with a small drill bit on his drill, gave me instructions to prevent breaking the drill bit, and left me go. He also determined the depth that I should drill down, stuck a piece of tape on the bit, and said don’t go down into the wood further than this point. I’ll pass the tip along because it was a good one. Once all the pilot holes were drilled, I removed the paper.
 photo IMG_2743_wm_zpsec20d7e5.jpg

Then start hammering in nails. The nails proved a little tricky to find, I knew I wanted them about 3″ long, but the section I was searching in only had them to 2 1/2″. I also figured I would need finishing nail, because a nail head would prove problematic with when trying to put spools on. I happened upon this box of nails, the box says 10d 3″ Grip Rite fas’ners. I have no idea what all that means, but they work. And they were the right size without a nailhead. So just hammer away. I bought a 1 lb. box and used all but 7 nails!
 photo IMG_2745_wm_zps4481e4a1.jpg

And that’s it! Here is my new spool organizer. As you can see, I have various types of thread spools, all fit, I do have trouble fitting 2 fat spools side by side, but since the majority of what I own are the thin spools, I’m not worried about it.

I know, you’re thinking “what’d she need this for, she only has 10 spools!” This is just all I happened to have out currently. We are working on the attic and another room where most of our stuff is stored. I know there’s more, I just need to figure out where it got stashed.
 photo IMG_2746_wm_zps9ef71474.jpg

This is my latest project, I have many more that I am working on. We are doing some small crafting projects for our annual clothes swap that I hold. We recently had a Minecraft LAN party for the boys, stay tuned for a post on that. Plus, I’d like to do some more sewing now that I have all of my tools in one location. I’ve been pinning a lot of repurposing and upcycling types of crafts.

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