Minecraft LAN Party

With 4 boys in the house, it was inevitable that the Minecraft craze would surface. My oldest boys are also very interested in computers. I suggested back in February that we should host a LAN party for the Minecraft, they of course were all into it. Circumstances being what they were, we couldn’t seem to find a good time to host it. I was thinking it would be a great cold weather event, since they would be inside the whole time. Winter ended, spring came and went, and before we knew it we were in the middle of summer. Realizing that the crazy was slowly waning for the older kids, we finally picked a date and started making plans. As it turns out, the wait was worth it. When I had the idea, there was relatively little online or on Pinterest that was related to Minecraft partying. In July, however, there was a plethora of related ideas.

To check out my Minecraft LAN party board go here.

We tried quite a few of the ideas we found. Many items were made/printed at home.

The cake stand box I already had from another party I did.

The paper plate mosaic, while being the most expensive decoration, had huge impact, it took up over half of the wall. Thank goodness I bought the small plates!

The Steve head while not hard to make, was more difficult, I ran out of double stick tape, had to switch to glue, finding paper in the colors I wanted was not easy (I was hoping to find one of the construction paper for ethnicity packs).

Jello jigglers are easy and went well with the theme, so we made several flavors.

I knew I wanted square containers to hold snacks, but they also had to serve a purpose after the party. Since we just revamped the pantry, we looked for things that would work well in the pantry later. The “grass block” container has wrapped dark chocolate and regular caramels with two shades of green sixlets on top.

One of the girls attending asked if she could make the cake. I think she did an awesome job!

While rice krispies were an excellent snack for a pixilated block party, they happen to be something I am terrible at making. There are three kinds in the mix there, regular, cocoa, and a cocoa pebbles snack bar that’s made with peanut butter.

The posters that perfectly fit inside my doors came from a friend. The other posters I printed out for the party only.

We had found the April Fool’s prank on Think Geek with the marshmallow creeps and the boys wanted them for the party. Turns out it wasn’t a real product. Some internet searching brought us to this blog which very clearly explained how to make them. While it sounds intimidating to make your own marshmallows, they are really very simple. I opted to not put sugar in the pan and instead spread my sugar out on a separate cookie sheet that I rolled the marshmallows in after cutting. The hardest part was getting good clean squares painted for the faces. These were a huge hit at the party.

One of the decorations that didn’t make a picture were paper blocks. I printed numerous templates for blocks that I had the boys fold and tape. I had good intentions of creating a centerpiece out of them to mimic the game. I had not realized the cables would consume the entire table surface. They ended up all over the piano, but never got built into anything before guest started arriving. It looked awesome in the picture that I got the idea from!

The last pictures you can see the happy gamers. It was a mixture of ages and there were some adults floating around trying the game out as well. Amusingly the party later started doing karaoke and playing various instruments when the game play wound down.

Overall I think the party was a success. This was our first time hosting a LAN party. It looks like we might be hosting more down the road, minus all the frou frou, of course.

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One Response to Minecraft LAN Party

  1. Kayla says:

    I’m so glad you made the creepers! I saw that April fool’s joke too- it was my inspiration! It is great to see someone dive in, even though home-made marshmallows sound intimidating!!

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